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Max's Chile Pepper Blends

 Chef Max has revamped his products and websites to "Max's Chile Pepper Blends".


Gourmet Mexican Chile Sauces - Salsas Gourmet de Chiles

 We provide gourmet sauces created with passion and care by Chef Max.  Bursting with flavor, Max's Chile Pepper Blend sauces are perfect with soups, chicken, quesadillas, grilled fish, as a condiment and much more.

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Max's chile pepper blends will excite your senses, nourish your soul and add delicious smoky sizzle to your favorite dishes. Born in Mexico and trained at the Cordon Bleu in Paris, Chef Max combines the finest peppers, garlic spices and oils in a family of blends to enhance steak, fish, soups, stews and more.



“Passion makes life better, too, and I have put all my passion for great food and flavors into this jar. I begin with the finest chile peppers, garlic, citrus, spices and oils, then add inspiration from my training at the Cordon Bleu in Paris and my years of travel to the world centers of chile-laced cuisine. You hold the result in your hand: a small jar of endless possibility, an antidote to the everyday, a solemn promise of happy culinary moments to come—pure food for pure joy at your table.” Chef Max

So go beyond salsa and hot sauce and discover Max's blends - versatile all natural ingredients that will infuse your kitchen with a brand new culinary fire! Chile peppers just make life better. They sizzle, they brighten, and they enliven everything. They perk up favorite dishes and capture the essence of fiery exotic cooking.           





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